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Багатство в надрах
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"There will be a limit to rise in price of gasoline in Ukraine? Is there an alternative for motorists?"

LPG Ukraine 2011

"Price advance on a fuel in Ukraine: boiling points and chain reaction on economies", 05 April 2011

International power forum at support of Adam Smith Fund, 1-3 March 2011

"Automation. Fuel and Energy complex. Ukraine" 01 December 2010

"Innovative models of power safety", Institute of problems of national safety at National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine 31 March 2010

Meeting of expert club on a theme: "Ways of overcoming of thermal energy crisis and optimum model of the thermal providing of Ukraine", 25 March 2010

An allukrainian conference of «Increase of volumes of the boring drilling of oil and gas mining holes is a way to power independence of Ukraine» 16 December 2009

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