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Багатство в надрах
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Business Forum of Gas traders of Ukraine. 28 October 2009

International conference: "Entering into an European energy association: what will it bring Ukraine?", 08 October 2009

Round table on a theme the "Ukrainian bowels of the earth in a counterbalance to Russian gas", 10 March 2009

Opening of wellsite on Mekhedovsko-golotovschinskom deposit a company Regal Petroleum of Korporeyshn LTD. 27 January 2009

Business sammit of the gas traders of Ukraine 2008

"Adaptation of the Ukrainian legislation in the field of minning to the international standards. Looks of experts". Interfax Ukraine. 08 July 2008

26 September 2007, President of Association the „Gas traders of Ukraine” Roman Storozhev during a press-conference on a theme: «Last updates and tendencies at the gas market of Ukraine: look of independent gastraders"».

Kiev, April 3, 2007, Press-Conference "Latest Changes and Tendencies at the Ukrainian Gas Market: Gas Traders' Opinions"

Kiev, November 24, 2006, Round Table "Problems and Prospects of Energy Dialogue between Ukraine and the EU: Gas Aspect"

Kiev, October 2006, Press-Conference "Ukrainian Gas Market on the Eve of the New Heating Season: Gas Traders' Opinions"

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