European practice

23.07.2020. Ukrainian Cas Open. Ben Samuel, ICIS:

The way that it works is that National Grid has an allowed revenue that is agreed with the regulator. This revenue covers operating costs and a profit.

Fees for using the grid are then calculated on this basis, i.e. how much will National Grid have to charge market participants to use the network to secure that revenue.

01.11.2020. Energy Community

Position Paper on Gas Market Design in Ukraine. Ensuring fair competition in the Ukrainian gas market and developing needed liquidity on the exchange Energy Community. November 2020


15th Energy Community Gas Forum | 30 September – 1 October 2020

1. Methane emissions reduction in the Energy Community. Karolina Čegir, Senior Gas Expert, Energy Community Secretariat

Presentation: ECS, Methane emissions reduction in the Energy Community

2. EuroGAS. Nicolas Jensen, senior policy advisor

Presentation:  Jensen, Natural Gas – new and old Partners


The gas market of EU – The Era of Reforms | 2016

The monograph presents the results of studying the process of liberalization of the EU Gas Market. The analysis of key documents, the progress of the practical implementation of the tasks, and the influence on market participants was carried out.

Prepared by the Energy Research Institute of the Russian Acadamy Sciences and the Institute of Energy of National Research University “Higher School of Economics”