ICIS is an expert supplier of pricing and market information in the European natural Gas Market. 

It possesses thirty years of experience in reporting prices for natural gas.

The agency publishes independent valuation prices and indexes HEREN for the British NBP, Dutch TTF, German NCG and Gaspool, Belgian Zeebrugge and ZTP, French PEG, Italian PSV, Austrian VTP, Czech VTP, Spanish PVB, Slovak VTP, Ukrainian UAVTP, and Turkey.


ENERGY CLUB – Energy Community of Ukraine

The Memorandum about membership in Energy Club Association “Gas Traders” signed in 2020.  UKRAINIAN GAS OPEN gas forum will be held on April 20, 2021, a second time in a mutual partnership


Exploration & Production Consulting (EXPRO) is a leading consulting company that holds the development of the oil and gas and energy sectors of Ukraine in focus.  EXPRO was founded in 2016 by reviewers of the business press of Ukraine.



EITI – Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative. 

EITI is an international standard that promotes the transparency of the mining sectors of the country and provides for the disclosure of information about the state of affairs in the mining sector of the state.



Business Censor, a Ukrainian news socio-economic Internet portal, was founded in 2004. The site is one of the leaders among the Internet media of Ukraine [4] at attendance.

The Association “Gas Traders of Ukraine” in the person of its leaders expresses a point of view on the processes on the Ukrainian gas market for distribution among the audience of the portal.


Information agency LigaBusinessInform.  The portal is a leader in news resources by covering the entire audience of the Ukrainian Internet according to gemiusAudience and one of the leading resources of the category “Business and Finance” according to the bigmir)net rating.


National Legal Chamber:

  • provide effective, optimal, timely, affordable legal aid; to make sense of confidence and security;
  • increase the right culture and legal consciousness of society, to form a new philosophy and standards of legal aid;
  • improve the legislation to ensure country development