Arbitration tribunal of AGTU

In July 2004, based on the Law of Ukraine “On Arbitration tribunal” under the Association “Gas Traders of Ukraine”, a constantly operating arbitration tribunal was established and registered.

Consideration of economic disputes in the arbitration compared to economic legal proceedings is characterized by less formalism, more laconic terms, and absences of the inconsistencies inherent in the economic tribunal. Arbitration judges are highly skilled specialists in the field of consideration of economic disputes related to the implementation of contracts for the supply of natural gas. Their competence allows settling all possible differences between the parties maximally quickly and efficiently following the current legislation of Ukraine. In particular, restore mutually beneficial cooperation between suppliers and buyers.

The size of legal expenses when considering cases in Arbitration tribunal is significantly less than the size of the state duty, which needs to be paid when filing a statement of the case to the Economic tribunal. In this case, following the Law of Ukraine “On enterprise profit tax” the sum of the arbitration charge is included in the gross expenditure of the enterprise, and according to the Regulation of the Arbitration tribunal after the case decision is charged from the defeated party.

Since most association members appreciate the existing advantages of arbitration proceedings, it currently successfully settles and solves economic disputes on a high professional level.

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