Collaboration for an important mission

September 8, 2020. Today, the Director of LLC “Gas Supply Company Naftogaz of Ukraine” Maxim Rabinovich and the President of the Association “Gas Traders of Ukraine” Andriy Mizovets laid the first brick of cooperation by signing a membership and partnership agreement between Gas Supply Company Naftogaz of Ukraine and the Association “Gas Traders of Ukraine”.

Andriy Myzovets “TheAssociationcongratulatesthisparticipantasGasSupplyCompanyNaftogazofUkraine.  Ourcooperationisprimarilyaimedatcreatingtransparentconditionsforthefunctioningofthenaturalgasmarket, its further liberalization.  The ultimate go al of which is to protect the consumer, raise the number of participants, and in crease market liquidity.

Maksym Rabinovych: “Cooperation with th e Association “Gas Traders of Ukraine” is very important to us”, sincethegasmarketinUkraineisonlyattheinitialset-upofdevelopment. Weareinterestedintransparentandcompetitiveconditionsforitsdevelopment.  Thanks to cooperation with the Association, we will maket his market even better, because the Ministry of Energy, NKREKP, and European partners are watching us.  We will bring the best world practices, bot hin infrastructure and services fo rour customers.  Our common go al is a highly competiti vegas marketin Ukraine, with a large number of participants “

The Association “Gas Traders of Ukraine” was founded in 2003. Today, the Association has more than 30 member companies.

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