Gas withdrawals from Ukrainian UGS exceed 100 mcm for the first time in more than two years

On January 9, the volume of natural gas withdrawals from Ukrainian underground gas storage facilities (UGS) reached almost 104 mcm, according to ExPro Daily Gas. This is the highest level of gas withdrawals from storage facilities in more than two years – since the end of December 2021. Compared to the previous day, gas withdrawals increased by 15% or 14 mcm.

The noticeable increase in gas withdrawals from storage facilities in recent days is primarily due to the cold snap throughout Ukraine. The cold snap has led to an increase in gas consumption in Ukraine. According to ExPro estimates, on January 9, gas consumption in Ukraine exceeded 140 mcm, which is the highest daily level since January 2022.

In addition, some natural gas from storage facilities is exported – 16 mcm on January 9. In recent days, there has been an increase in gas exports from the customs warehouse to Moldova amid a cold snap.

As of January 9, 12.45 bcm of natural gas were stored in Ukrainian UGS facilities, including 554 mcm of buffer gas. In particular, 2.18 bcm of gas were stored in the “customs warehouse” of the UGS facilities.

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