Since the beginning of the full-scale war, the number of gas traders has decreased by approx by a third – the head of a specialised association

Kiev. 17 August. ENERGOREFORM – Since the beginning of the Russian Federation’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine
The number of active traders on the natural gas market has decreased by about a third,
Andriy Mizovets, head of the association Gas Traders of Ukraine believes.
At least one third of gas traders have stopped active operations. Perhaps, not quite
out of the market, but they have switched to the sleeping mode – Mizovets said in a commentary to the Internet portal Energoportal.
Energoreforma portal during the Ukrainian Gas Open 2023 forum organised by Energy Club.
Extraction. Transportation. Storage. Sale on Thursday.
According to him, the main reason for this was a significant, more than twofold,
reduction in natural gas consumption by industry, the market segment where the traders were operating.
If before the active phase of hostilities we could talk about the consumption of up to 10bn cu.m.c. of natural gas by the industry, the market segment where traders were operating.
up to 10 billion cubic metres per year, and now we are talking about 3-4 billion cubic metres, then imagine how much competition has increased.

imagine how much the competition has increased. It is very big. The financial capacity,
that allowed us to operate fully, not everyone had such a significant financial capacity to survive a pause of
in several months- he described the situation.
In addition, the head of the association noted that the market share of Naftohaz Ukrayiny has also increased.
Ukraine. Naftohaz has resources that they can operate with, and they have a financial cushion,
They have resources they can operate with and a financial cushion they can use,” Mizovets explained.
At the same time, he did not forecast whether the number of players in the market will continue to decrease, but he expressed the opinion that the number of players in the market will continue to decrease.
market, but expressed the opinion that until the end of active hostilities it is not worth talking about their increase.
Until the end of hostilities, until victory, it is unlikely that we will return to the consideration of any market transformations. оf really any market transformation. And it is unlikely that the number of companies will
increase – summarised the head of the association.

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