Ukraine has injected over 1 bcm of natural gas into underground storage facilities

Since the beginning of this year’s natural gas injection season (March 31), Ukraine has injected about 1.06 bcm of natural gas into underground gas storage facilities (UGS) as of May 25. This is evidenced by the calculations of ExPro.

Gas injection volumes increased last week – up to 31.7 mcm on May 22, the highest level since the beginning of this year’s injection season. The increase in gas injection into storage facilities is due to a decrease in natural gas consumption in Ukraine amid power outages and warming.

As of May 25, about 8.56 bcm of natural gas were stored in Ukrainian UGS facilities, excluding 566 mcm of buffer gas. According to ExPro estimates, the total gas reserves in the storages amount to 9.12 bcm. Compared to the previous year, the storage facilities hold 6.5% or 635 million cubic meters less gas.

As of May 25, the reserves of technologically active gas that can be withdrawn by storage customers amounted to more than 4.4 bcm. Gas reserves in the “customs warehouse” of Ukrainian UGS facilities amounted to about 1.44 bcm.

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