Ukrtransgaz, GTSOU, Ministry of Energy, and NEURC offered international traders Ukrainian UGS

Ukrtransgaz JSC, Operator GTS of Ukraine LLC, the Ministry of Energy, and NEURC held a meeting with international traders regarding their involvement in the storage of natural gas in Ukrainian underground gas storage facilities.

Ukraine offers European traders to use more than 10 bcm of LNG capacity near the western border. According to GTSOU, a flexible and reliable gas transportation system provides more than 100 transportation routes between UGS and European borders.

“Ukrainian gas infrastructure has proven over many years that it is a reliable part of the European market, fulfilling obligations which are not hindered by energy crises or even military aggression. We have analyzed various gas transportation routes between Ukrainian storage facilities and European borders. The reliability of each route is guaranteed by a large number of connections between UGS and GTS, as well as the presence of at least two pipelines with each adjacent operator of the TSOs of the EU countries,” noted the general director of GTSOU, Dmytro Lyppa.

OGTSU reminds that the guaranteed capacity for transporting gas from Europe to Ukraine is 54 mcm per day. Output capacities, which can be used for gas re-export, amount to more than 200 mcm per day.

“Traders can benefit from using our infrastructure while increasing Europe’s energy security. And the sooner they start pumping, the more supplies they will have in storage. That is why we offer the participants of the European gas market already to order gas transportation and storage services in Ukraine,” said Andriy Prokofiev, Head of the Customer Service Department of GTSOU.

Roman Malyutin, head of Ukrtransgaz, confirmed readiness to inject large volumes of gas: “Ukrtransgaz has enough capacity to take large volumes of gas even during the peak periods of the heating season. The capacities of the cross-border connection points already make it possible to import millions of cubic meters of gas to Ukraine, and Ukrtransgaz continues to offer customers the opportunity to store it in the customs warehouse for 1,095 days without paying taxes and customs payments.”

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