Poland’s Gaz-System told ICIS it would survey traders in July to assess interest in expanding cross-border gas transmission capacity with Ukraine

Poland, Ukraine to assess interest in cross-border gas capacity rise By Aura Sabadus. 28-Jun-21 10:57 LONDON (ICIS)–The Polish and Ukrainian gas transmission system operators will launch in July a non-binding market demand assessment for increased border capacity, the Polish grid operator Gaz-System confirmed to ICIS on 25 June. Depending on the level of interest, the […]

The announcement

April 12, 2021. The experience and expertise of domestic companies in conditions of gas market reform and the construction of a competitive business environment on the European model are important today. The future event will be a discussion platform for the second time for an open and constructive discussion of the reform of the gas […]

Ukraine and Poland could integrate gas markets, but more investment needed – report

2021/03/31. Author: Aura Sabadus Source: https://www.icis.com/explore/resources/news/2021/03/31/10623788/ukraine-and-poland-could-integrate-gas-markets-but-more-investment-needed-report?fbclid=IwAR0RMNh6Z2OXMlpRNilsnQXnswxnJC34Hy41n_iZqszlc_aJ6LdjkNC4naQ LONDON (ICIS)–The Ukrainian and Polish gas markets could become further integrated once Poland ends its long-term supply contract with Russia’s Gazprom in 2022, according to a report by USAID, a leading development agency. The document found the two markets could work on joint projects to allow enhanced cross-border flows and […]

Andriy Mizovets, the lobbyist of gas traders, about the market influence of Naftogaz and non-market restrictions of the government

25.03.2021. Author: Serhii Holovnov.  Source: https://biz.censor.net/r3255463 In the interview with Business Censor, the President of the Association “Gas Traders of Ukraine” (AGTU) Andriy Mizovets told how the limitation of gas prices for the population has stopped the development of the gas market and how the state company Naftogaz uses market power. The Association “Gas Traders of […]

GTSUO’s accusations against traders are unfounded. But, in search of culprits, they got at themselves, – AGTU

5.08.2020. Author: ExPro. Source: https://expro.com.ua/en/articles/gtsuos-accusations-against-traders-are-unfounded-but-in-search-of-culprits-they-got-at-themselves-agtu?fbclid=iwar3ywyx0zpwcxeoygc36rhw00glv7q_af_ifa1yyuxmhqxqqf1hcmoxndx0 On July 29, 2020, National Energy and Utilities Regulation Commission (NEURC) published a draft resolution to amend the Gas Transmission Code of Ukraine. Should these changes be adopted, cost of settlements of natural gas imbalances for traders will increase from 10% to 20%, conversely, the level of profitability of the Gas TSO […]

Amendments to GTS Code, proposed by GTSOU do not solve the problems of imbalances in the gas market, – market participants

On July 29, National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission (NEURC) published a draft Resolution On Amendments to the Code of Gas Transmission System and the Code of Gas Distribution Systems. If these changes are adopted, the balancing costs of customers for transmission services will increase from 10 to 20%, and the level of profitability of […]